Celebration of the Harvest Moon with Godiva

News | 13 September 2016


The enchanting moonlight illuminates the silhouette of the clouds, while lighting up the rest of the skies, creating an ethereal starry evening. To cherish the advent of autumn, GODIVA presents the 2016 Mid-Autumn Limited Edition Mooncake Collection, bringing the most heartfelt blessings to your dearest friends and family as you share these delectable mooncakes with them under the vast moonlit skies.

2016 GODIVA’s Mid-Autumn Limited Edition Chocolates are thoughtfully designed, incorporating exotic fruits into mouth-watering chocolates. With four all-new flavours, one can savour the chocolate adorned with imagery of lotus leaves and create the perfect Mid-Autumn ambience.

Mooncake Duo Noir: Apple & Acerola

A tangy apple marmalade base topped with acerola ganache, an absolute perfect duo. The mooncake is enrobed in a beautiful 50% dark chocolate shell decorated with a stunning image of lotus amidst a beautiful moon.

Mooncake Duo Lait: Plum & Pomegranate

A creamy milky chocolate outer layer inscribed with the full moon, filled with pomegranate-infused milk chocolate ganache and plum marmalade. The silky texture is complemented with hints of tangy plum, a one-of-a-kind mooncake.

Petit Mooncake Noir: Raspberry & Mangosteen

Wrapped in a 50% dark chocolate shell, a rich raspberry marmalade and creamy Venezuela 43% milk chocolate infused with mangosteen, the flavour of marrying the fruits creates a unique and sweet indulgence.

Petit Mooncake Lait: Orange & Cranberry

The enchanting mooncake shell holds a tangy orange marmalade center paired with white chocolate and cranberry ganache, emitting an irresistible scents of citrus and berries.

2016 GODIVA Mid-Autumn Limited Edition Gift Boxes feature a harmonious design in red and gold, reflecting a modest yet stunning imagery. The dewy lotus flower perched on a pedestal as the pond reflects the evanescent moon, signifying the dawn of Mid Autumn Festival.

GODIVA 2016 Mid-Autumn Limited Edition Collection is available exclusively in GODIVA boutiques, priced from RM107 to RM605.


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