Embark on a Magical Journey with TWG Tea Red Balloon Tea

Crème De La Crème | Fine Foods | 30 March 2016

Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea (1)

Embracing memories of adolescence in a simpler carefree time, the Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea takes you on a magical flight of the imagination, a perfect confection to brighten your day. Like a faithful companion, the iconic red balloon will string along on your quest for new horizons in the world of luxury tea. Bright blueberries lend their tangy sweetness to this airy, theine-free red tea which sparkles with overtones of crunchy nashi fruit. Red tea, or rooibos, is produced from a bush known as the Aspalathus linearis in South Africa, it contains a high level of antioxidants and is very rich in vitamin C, mineral salts and protein, making it ideal for both adults and children alike. Fly high with this delightful ode to youth and innocence, the perfect blend for tea lovers of all ages, encased in a luxurious gold-embossed gift box.

Red Balloon Haute Couture Tea (2)

Capturing the flight of limitless imagination and aspiration, the Red Balloon Tea is the prefect confidante to while away cosy evenings and celebrate dreamlike moments with. A symbol of freedom, enthusiasm and creativity, TWG Tea is continuously inspired by many great artworks and craftsmanship on the tea table, constantly sourcing, innovating, creating, expanding and refining the teas in its collection.

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