Introducing Sablés: Fine Butter Biscuits From Godiva

Crème De La Crème | 2 October 2015

Sablés Fine Butter Biscuits Collection 40pcs._Open

Take your taste buds on a journey to savour with GODIVA’s travel-inspired Sablés Butter Biscuit Collection. Born out of Chef Chocolatier Jean Apostolou’s adventures across five continents, the collection boasts five beautiful biscuit flavours, each reminiscent of the provenance that inspired its creation

Journey to Africa with the Ultimate Chocolate Sablé, Asia with the Matcha Tea, Oceania with the Macadamia Ginger, Europe with the Almond Speculoos and the United States with the fabulous Pecan Chocolate Chip Sablé.

Sablé is a European shortbread cookie, the French name ‘Sablés’ means ‘sands’, accurately describing its sandy texture ,made with granulated sugar, flour and butter. With its crispy, tender, perfect cakery and hence dedicates the name to the distinctive crumbly texture.

Delicate in appearance but strong in flavour, the Sablés biscuits strike the perfect balance between wonderfully sophisticated and wickedly indulgent. Featuring a smothering premium Belgian chocolate, the irresistible pieces have an indulgent, crunchy texture that will delight with every bite.

With balloons inspired by the French adventure novelist Jules Verne adorning the sky blue box, the Sablés Butter Biscuit Collection also embodies GODIVA’s unceasing exploration of adventures and innovations, bringing ultimate excitement to all chocolate lovers. Selected flavours will be available in individually wrapped biscuits, easily portable for moments of spontaneous delicacy or mere indulgent escapism.

Ultimate Chocolate Sablé
Decadent and dark, this sophisticated biscuit is a flavourful celebration of the beauty and intensity of Africa. A tantalisingly soft chocolate butter biscuit is filled with chocolate chips and dipped in luscious dark Belgian chocolate for an irresistible match. indulging atmosphere.

Pecan Chocolate Chip Sablé
An ode to Americana, rich caramelized pecan nuts and chunky chocolate chips are dipped in glorious Belgian milk chocolate as the perfect finishing touch.

Almond Speculoos Sablé
Crushed almonds add a pleasing crunch to this spiced Speculoos biscuit of aromatic cinnamon. Dipped in Belgian dark chocolate, this piece creates a new take on a Belgian classic and captures the sweet, familiar flavours of Europe.

Matcha Tea Sablé
The delicate matcha green tea infuses this delightful biscuit with the distinctive flavours of Asia. Creamy white Belgian chocolate brings a wonderful sweetness to the buttery offering, the deliciously complex aroma lingers.

Macadamia Ginger Sablé
Let the exciting combination of spicy ginger and crunchy buttery macadamia nuts transport you to Oceania. A base of creamy milk Belgian chocolate softens the lively flavours locked within, delivering a unique chocolate delight.


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