Journey Into The Past With La Martina’s Autumn Winter 2016 Collection

Lookbook | 16 August 2016

Inspired by a journey across Latin lands, all the way to the sophisticated yet quietly lavish city of Paris, and seen through the eyes of viveurs.

The collection takes cues from the glory of a former era and revolves around a young man and his fervent passion for Polo – with which La Martina has been most closely associated for over three decades – throughout his daily activities from day to evening: training and competing on the playing field, revelling in the Club House lifestyle and celebrating victory after a star-studded match.

Reading and interpreting, evoking and celebrating, unravelling and recreating, revisiting and evolving, always in keeping with the values of Polo, are the key words of the new AW16 collection. Its new take on iconic pieces featuring new details, timeless staples and classic textiles conveys a new flavour to a collection reminiscent of older days and sophisticated sportsmanship.

Introducing four lines for four different styles:

Colección Privada: for special and social occasions

Since its launch in 2009, Colección Privada has represented the most intimate edit of La Martina collection. This line is designed for those special occasions and social events related to the world of Polo.

A sense of newness is perceivable throughout the entire collection crafted from Prince of Wales wool, tweed, silk and knitted fabrics, to create a total look where personalised details are deeply influenced by examples of sober elegance inspired by La Dolce Vita.

Essential: a tale of the brand’s heritage elements

Collection of iconic pieces with heritage details, in a year-round range for Him and for Her.

Personalisation is the remarkable trait of a collection resembling a tale of the brand’s roots and evolution, as well as its identity focused on sportsmanship.

Polo Player: La Martina sportswear line

Outerwear lined with regimental fabrics and patterns on the inside of the collar, as well as knitwear upgraded with regimental details evoke the aesthetic of the classic English college-style.

The collection palette is inspired by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge featuring navy blue and underwood green blending into autumn shades of dark grey, burgundy and deep aubergine.

Guards: echoes and hints of Royal British style

The Guards Collection presents two distinct British styles, centred on a fine elegant attire with modern interpretations of the formal dress codes, yet devoid of the rigour of courtroom etiquette.

Iconic pieces such as military-inspired jackets for Him and Her in black and gold decorated with hand-embroidered Guards patches of the same colour perfectly complement the clean and refined feel of the collection.