La Martina Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Products | 12 March 2015

In celebration of the leading Argentine Polo brand’s 30th anniversary, La Martina launches its capsule collection and several highlight pieces of the 2015 Spring/Summer Collection. The Collection is inspired by the King of all Sports – Polo, garments pertaining to the Royal guard’s uniforms at the Windsor, and Maserati – a brand who is also a protagonist in the greatest polo events in the world.

This collection features the reinvention of The White Polo Shirt, Guards Collection inspired by the Royal Box, A Century of Inspiration with Maserati, Alfonsina Bag – a tribute bag in commemoration of Alfonsina Storni, an Argentine poetess and the Argentine handmade short boot, “Cortos”.

The White Polo Shirt by La Martina

The White Polo Shirt by La Martina has become an icon of a lifestyle that is increasingly popular worldwide. The polo shirt is made exclusively out of the best quality cotton called Pima, a variety only to be found in Peru. With its extra-long staple fibers from the cotton, the shirt is made with extra absorbency and resistance.



The White Polo Shirt by La Martina has become an icon of a lifestyle that is increasingly popular worldwide. The polo shirt is made exclusively out of the best quality cotton called Pima, a variety only to be found in Peru. With its extra-long staple fibers from the cotton, the shirt is made with extra absorbency and resistance. The White Polo Shirt by La Martina is the hymn to the origins of the brand and to the game of Polo. Back in the days in the first few tournaments, polo players played polo in shirts which were perfectly white with the “button down” collar to prevent the collar tips from bouncing into players’ faces during the ride. After the shirt’s candor, it has been replaced by the polo shirt, which was a perfect balance between wear ability during games and style off the polo field. The polo shirt now is always decorated with appliqués or distinctive embroideries.

Personalized polo shirts with the colors of the tournaments’ teams are specifically distributed in mono brand stores and at retailers located in the vicinity of the playing fields. Produced in limited editions, they remain inextricably tied to the victories and the characters of various tournaments, thus connecting the passion between the teams, players and all the enthusiasts – preserving and celebrating the emotions of the games over the long term. Creating playing kits and matching accessories was a necessity rather than a business in the fashion clothing sector. However the polo shirts became so popular that it was impossible not to sell them to fans and enthusiasts of the teams. Demand soared and soon it was necessary to produce the playing kits of many other teams. Thus “The White Polo Shirt” stands for the return to the first original polo shirt, always ready to “dress” in colors of any team of the world. La Martina is the world’s first official supplier, supporting over 80 tournaments every year with a total of approximately 360 team’s polo shirts produced over the years.

Charm of the Uniform

Echoes and inspirations of Britain concentrate in the Guards Collection, particularly garments pertaining to the “Royal Box” – a capsule collection dedicated to the exclusive polo club that was founded by the Windsors.


Created with a selection of fabrics rigorously made in England and provided by exclusive suppliers with history of more than a century, who also assemble the gala uniforms for the top military leaders and for the Royal Family. “Royal Box” selects the evocative power of red, renewing the “red coat” that was born in the second half of 1700. The fabric is exclusive and innovative in its tradition: the combed shaved texture is achieved with cotton instead of wool, obtaining an alternative “Shetland effect”. Conceived especially for the summer season, the “red coat” features a natural movement of diagonal weft material which makes it light and easy to wear.

La Martina for Maserati: A Century of Inspiration

La Martina presents the “Centennial Special Edition” dedicated to co-branding with Maserati.


The Maserati Capsule Collection dedicated to celebrate the strong partnership with renowned Italian car maker featuring a collection which are stylishly mature and diverse through the joint involvement of “Maserati Centennial Polo Tour”. “Centennial Special Edition” features four polo shirt design which evokes from the corresponding tournaments of the Maserati Centennial Polo Tour. This is the official capsule collection of the tour turning the iconic “trident” to an uncontested protagonist of the four strategic tournaments which took place in Palm Beach – USA, Tianjin – China, and England in 2014. The final tournament will be held in the United Arab Emirates this year.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the origins of the Maserati brand at the forefront for 100 years now, the capsule collection promotes “LA Martina for Maserati” co-branding using technological innovations and evocative lines. The fabric used became lighter stirring the silky effects towards a more technical image. This polo shirt was created with inspiration from the “Metropolitan Polo Classic”, one leg of the “Maserati Centennial Polo Tour” held in Tianjin, China.

Alfonsina Bag: La Martina’s tribute bag

La Martina pays tribute to Alfonsina Storni; Argentinian poetess, dramaturge and journalist


In commemoration of Alfonsina Storni, exponent of the 1900’s post-modernism in Buenos Aires, La Martina designed a day bag which was inspired by the Argentinian poetess.

Casual-chic, rigorously made in Italy, spacious and versatile, the Alfonsina Bag is handmade in compliance with the saddlery tradition of La Martina. It bonds perfectly with the double nature of Polo: sportive and elite.

Made with printed calf leather and piece-dyed calf leather, the Alfonsina bag is available in black, white, orange, yellow, green and electric blue. It features a precious insert in metal finishing which adds value to the printed calf leather’s glossy effect. The side panels are piece-dyed calf leather with a buffered technique which assures a natural and shaded effect.

The spirit of Polo lives in the unmistakable logo of La Martina, with its iconic double horse stud accompanied with a pendant which is also the formal design of the bridles.
“Cortos” By La Martina”

Carlos, an Argentinean boot master who works for La Martina gets this request a lot from riders. To create a boot which are more comfortable without compromising their impeccable style as they hop off their horses to move around field after a game to collect their winnings


Hence the birth of La Martina Cortos, a revised version of stiff and heavy polo boots, which are shortened to the ankle and feature a lighter structure, making it easier to walk. They preserve the distinctive qualities of original riding boots, as they come from the same workshop that makes professional footwear for polo players. Using the same type of leather and same zip, which allows for an easier fitting in this shorter version. Same rubber sole that makes Cortos flexible and lightweight. To top off their unmistakable style, Cortos feature lateral rubber strips that come in the same deep yellow as the rubber used for professional boots to protect polo players from the heavy blows received during games. Finally, while professional boots are by no means versatile, the La Martina new short boots are perfect for riding as well. The trick is to just fasten the spur attached to a removable strip of leather. Cortos are perfect for walking as well as driving and riding.

The new Spring Summer 15 Collection features the same boots for men and women, “Cortos mid” and “Cortos low”. The whole range features common elements such as the central zipper, lateral elastic band, particular washes for an “aged” effect and warm colors of the turf linked to world of traditions of the polo game and La Martina. This particular version of Cortos employs an entirely new leather, becoming lighter in the sole and shape. A special box sole that has been designed was reedited from a Cortos with a lowered upper, transforming it into a low sneaker.