Liu Tao, Friend Of Chopard For China, Sparkles With The Brilliance Of The Happy Diamond Collection

News | Products | 17 November 2017

Joyous and inspirational, resolute yet vivacious, stunningly radiant on all occasions, daringly courageous in all adventures—these are the unique charms of Liu Tao, the kind of modern lady celebrated by Chopard and Friend of the Brand in the China Region. Through a friendship forged by mutual appreciation, their shared pursuit for joy has culminated in this wonderful collaboration. Under Liu Tao’s ardent interpretation, Chopard’s Happy Diamonds Collection scintillates and allures with a sense of joyful enchantment.At times the promise of happily ever after, at others soul-stirringly thrilling and intense, drama enables Liu Tao to live vicariously the lives of others and to personify an immense variety of different styles. She has thus amassed the admiration of many fans and become an iconic figure in the realm of fashion. Her multifaceted image exemplifies the infinite potential of the modern lady in self-discovery and representation, while the pursuit of “joy” is evidenced in her every thought and gesture. This coincides perfectly with the core values of the Chopard, a Maison that endeavors to, through exquisite artisanship and boundless imagination, create jewels of unparalleled splendor that bring joy to the wearer.

The friendship between Chopard and Liu Tao has been long and fulfilling. The Maison has accompanied the eminent actress on many occasions of profound meaning and moments worthy of commemoration, and will continue to journey with her as she explores her talent and potential. Chopard’s intricate, eloquent creations, long beloved by Liu Tao, have borne witness to the pivotal moments of her acting career like guardian angels or lucky charms. Whether Liu Tao is recipient of “Best Supporting Actress” at the Shanghai Television Festival or awarded “Most Popular Actress” at the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival, Chopard and Liu Tao are like the best and most intimate friends who share in honor, success, and the fruits of labor. Liu Tao latest interpretation of the Chopard Happy Diamonds collection is the perfect reiteration of the collection’s design inspiration—to “Think Happy, Be Happy;” the joining of hands between La Maison Chopard and the star actress is therefore certain to engender the resounding melodies of an “Ode to Joy.”

What are the innate qualities of the Chopard “modern lady” that Liu Tao has so aptly embodied from small screen to big screen? She is free yet disciplined, independent but approachable; she is courageous and decisive yet caring and thoughtful; she is true to her beliefs and unafraid of challenges. Most importantly, she is committed to the pursuit of joy and always ready to share the contentment and fulfillment she experiences throughout her journey. These qualities are in perfect harmony with Chopard’s convictions; the brand’s celebrated Happy Diamonds collection is precisely the embodiment of dynamic beauty and inspirational joy with brilliant gems that are liberated from the confines of their settings and allowed to spin freely.

Inspired by sunrays glinting on the drops of a waterfall, the Happy Hearts collection swiftly established themselves as a brand signature hand have consistently revealed their iconic, spirited character through countless different variations. The Happy Hearts collection was created by incorporating the heart motif into the design for a direct expression of joy and passion. Deeply cherished by Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, the heart motif is emblematic of the Geneva-based Maison for its capability to bring loving joy and blissful tenderness to the wearer. Depending on the hues and colors of selected gems, the designs may be bold and vibrant, vivaciously playful, or simplistic elegance. Aside from intricate jewelry of magnificent splendor, Chopard has also designed for the modern lady wristwatches of unique, exquisite style. If the Happy Heart jewelry that adorns Liu Tao’s graceful neck, slender wrists, and graceful fingers imbue her cinematic role with a fashion-forward yet mellow beauty, then the gold, diamond-set Happy Diamond watch she wears instills in her a flair of distinguished elegance.

Joy is both the inspiration of the Happy Diamonds collections and a moving language embodied by jewelry of brilliant colors and exquisite designs; it is moreover the aspiration of countless individuals, and the faith that Liu Tao encourages us all to live up to. As the star actress once said, “Joy is the spirit of freedom; it is loving, romantic, and independent.” Chopard and Liu Tao have joined hands under the mutual pursuit of joy, and together seek to accomplish the florescence of elegant sophistication. In this season of brilliant summer sunshine and charming temperatures, perfect for the manifestation of joy in all aspects of life, we look forward to celebrating the fruits of this lasting, exciting friendship.