New Episode of Miss Adventure Starring Zosia Mamet, Sarah Jones and Ali Wong…

News | Style | 11 October 2016


Kate Spade New York’s Miss Adventure digital film series, a 2016 CLIO Gold Award Winner, celebrates one-of-a-kind women who are as ambitious as they are original and returns with the second episode in season two, “Ready or Not.”

The episode is set in the hyper-real world of kate spade new york, where three heroines played by the returning Zosia Mamet, as well as Sarah Jones and Ali Wong, prepare to co-host a night of female comedy in 30 Rock’s Rainbow Room. While preparing for the limelight, each comedienne encounters an unexpected obstacle – but by yielding her talents of wit and humour, are able to overcome each mishap.

The film follows the individual narratives of each character, which ultimately unite on stage to realize the greatest performance lies in the adventure of getting there and the universal theme of overcoming obstacles to do what you love.

Zosia Mamet, in a twist of fate and jewellery, and our mc played by drew elliot, find themselves entangled in a wardrobe mishap. Through a dialogue of comedic proportions, they give and take, untying the knots to their problems before the take the stage.

Sarah Jones, an actress with a flair for words and character changes, our performer stands her ground as she faces off against a publicist in a battle of misunderstanding and comedic confusion.

Ali Wong, while standing on the balcony of rainbow room, is handling a complicated personal affair over the phone with grace, composure, and elegance.

For zosia mamet, sarah jones and ali wong, every day is one long comedy routine. (you know what they say about art imitating life…)#missadventure.