New Refreshing Twist to Godiva Frozen Treats!

Fine Foods | 5 August 2016

Stay cool this summer with Godiva’s limited edition Raspberry & Rose Soft Serve and Chocolixir! Crafted by GODIVA’s esteemed chocolatier, Chef Jean Apostolou in celebration of the chocolatier’s 90th anniversary, this satisfyingly smooth swirl of creamy decadence will surely delight the senses and keep you cool on a hot summer day.

The Soft Serve is finished with a flourish of Raspberry & Rose sauce, crunchy raspberry sprinkles and a milk chocolate square with 90th anniversary logo. Paired with a Belgian waffle cone rim-dipped with raspberry sprinkles, it is presented in a celebratory sleeve designed by creative collaborator and pioneering Belgian artist, Oli-B.

Freshly prepared to order in GODIVA’s boutiques, this multi-layered and flavourful drink is a cooling sweet summertime treat. Crafted from creamy white GODIVA chocolate, the GODIVA Raspberry & Rose Chocolixir is crushed with ice, drizzled with Raspberry & Rose sauce and sprinkled with crispy raspberry pieces.

The Raspberry & Rose Soft Serve and Chocolixir are priced at RM22.25, available in all GODIVA boutiques except KLIA for a limited time only.

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