Tumi Goes On The Perfect Journey With Russell Westbrook

Covered | News | Style | 30 June 2017

TUMI, the leading international brand of premium travel, business, and lifestyle accessories, announces the next installment of its 19 Degree global campaign, “Perfecting the Journey”, featuring Russell Westbrook, NBA point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

19 Degree, TUMI’s first-ever aluminum travel collection, is the pinnacle of travel gear; an element of luxury and innovation that elevates not only your journey, but who you are. The brand’s global campaign for the collection focuses on the individual perfect journeys of various respected influencers, industry leaders, and masters of their own craft — all of whom have traveled with TUMI to a unique destination of their choosing.

Westbrook, a six-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP), is recognized worldwide for his ferocity on the court, yet is equally well known for his generosity to his community and his bold fashion sense. Each of these qualities are highlighted as he shares his current, most extraordinary journey, captured by TUMI in the place that Westbrook values most of all: Oklahoma City.

“Both the 19 Degree campaign and collection explore elevating yourself as an individual. In order to better understand what moves them, we follow a cross-section of fascinating individuals on their perfect journey”, said Victor Sanz, TUMI Creative Director.

“Russell Westbrook’s journey is not only inspirational, but aspirational—in the sense that it shines a light on what motivates him on a deeper level and allows the viewer to feel like they’re on his team.”.