Unveiling History with the Secret Tea Tins

Crème De La Crème | Fine Foods | 19 September 2016


For millennia, tea has shaped landscapes and geography, cultures and traditions, destinies and desires. Capturing hundreds of years of tea tales, stories and secrets across the Silk Road, TWG Tea launches the stunning Secret Tea Tin Collection, featuring tins emblazoned with numbers 1 through 10.

Integral to the ancient trade along the Silk Road, tea was one of the rare commodities traded through the course of the Middle Ages, bringing together people from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East. Transporting this highly sought after commodity meant careful preservation of the tea leaves, requiring traders to ensure exclusivity by storing it in number tea tins for the different varieties and quality of teas.

Reminiscent of this antique toleware, TWG Tea is the first to recreate the 18th century hand painted numeral tea tins traditionally conceived to facilitate identification of the various type of tea. With an elegant yet timeless design, TWG Tea invites tea lovers and collectors to celebrate their momentous occasions, anniversaries and birthdays with this bold selection of tea tins, carefully crafted by hand and available in 10 vibrant colours. Create your own selection of teas in the same manner, assigning numbers with your own personal signification.

Select a few tins to form your lucky number, or fill each of the tins with tea in order of preference or rarity. These luxury air-tight containers painted can hold up to 100g of tea, and are the ideal recipient in which to store precious tea leaves away from light, air and humidity. The Secret Tea Tins are available at all TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques in Malaysia, each priced at RM63.

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