World Macaron Day at TWG Tea Malaysia

Fine Foods | News | Products | 23 February 2017

The macaron was born in Venice, Italy from whence it voyaged with Catherine de Medicis on the occasion of her marriage to the Duke of Orleans, future king of France. The popularity of this little French pastry grew and now is celebrated all around the world on March 20th, as the World Macaron Day.

Paying tribute to this special occasion, TWG Tea has crafted three new marvelous flavors to join the exquisite collection of tea-infused macarons. The Number 12 Tea Macaron features a tiramisu ganache infused with Number 12 Tea – a black tea blended with the finest coffee beans which produce an intoxicating aroma. Silver Moon Tea Macaron makes a grand return – a bright strawberry red macaron nestles a luxurious wild strawberry ganache filling. Passion Fruit Tea Macaron encloses a milk chocolate ganache infused with Passion Fruit Tea – a rich black tea blended with exotic passion fruit, yielding a sweet and tender aftertaste.

TWG Tea is passionately innovative in the conception of tea-infused macarons of exquisite taste and enduring quality that are entirely hand crafted using only the purest natural ingredients. Satisfy your sweet tooth with TWG Tea renowned selection of tea-infused macarons, available in dainty gift box of 6, 12 and 20.

Starting on 15th through 31st March, spend RM200 and receive a complimentary box of our new macarons. The new macarons will be available in all TWG Tea Salons & Boutiques in Malaysia.

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