Canali Capsule Collection By Andrea Pompilio

News | 23 July 2014

Milan, June 23rd 2014 – “I like to watch and study characters in films and the people around me in cafés, restaurants, and in the airports of international metropoles. I study and I scrutinise, trying to take in as much as I can of their personalities. I am struck by details, colours, what they do and how they move. Emotions transform into sketches, then drawings, and finally, collections.

The Canali SS15 Capsule Collection is an intersection of existing heritage and newfound inspiration – the art of Canali tailoring intertwines flawlessly with the outcomes of my observations. The resulting collection reflects an Andrea Pompilio within a different context, an Andrea who experiments and has fun finding the perfect balance between two worlds that, brought together by complementary attraction, become just one of many facets.

I bring a style that is both relaxed and rich in detail to the runway; a capsule that fuses the values and excellence of classic tailoring with the unstructured elegance of leisure.

Starting from the Canali man – refined and attentive to detail – I tried to introduce something that brings out and accentuates the most surprising and unexpected aspects of his style.

The lines are soft, lean and comfortable in the suits and jackets featuring checks or horizontal stripes, accompanied by trousers that rest just at the ankle and are finished with a particularly high 8cm cuff. Rounding out the collection are colourful, oversized sweaters,
casually exquisite shoes in nubuk crocodile or soft two-tone calfskin, parkas, light jackets, and long car coats worn over ultra-fine cashmere t-shirts, all glowing with the radiant palette of a Mediterranean Summer.”

Notes on the show: this season it wasn’t all about the capsule collection and the setting, but also the public. Anyone, through their mobile device, had the chance to access a second screen experience of the show featuring live runway looks, product shots, print details and show notes, providing a rich, 360º view of the collection in real time.

After the show, all content from the live aggregator is available to explore and share via, alongside catwalk images, a backstage lookbook and the full show video.


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