Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours

Power Reserve

72 hour


self-winding mechanism

After observing the evolution of Montblanc’s Nicolas Rieussec chronographs, one might be tempted to conclude that time is a disc. Montblanc first used rotating discs to replace the hands on the chronograph’s counters for sixty elapsed seconds and thirty elapsed minutes. A rotating disc was afterwards installed to indicate the hour in a second time zone. And now the Montblanc manufacture debuts its Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours, which relies on two discs, one atop the other, to show not only the twelve hours, but to also indicate whether each of the dozen is a daytime or night-time hour.

Although the time display on the Rising Hours chronograph is new and revolutionary, this timepiece is nevertheless a typical member of the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Collection, which first embodied an outstandingly successful idea in 2008, when the brand launched the first wristwatch chronograph with a genuinely new look in which the discs turn and its hands stand still. Now this principle has undergone further evolution to display the “ordinary” (i.e. non-elapsed) hours, which Montblanc’s engineers have augmented with an appealing complication: they’ve built a day/night indication into the hour display.