Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound

Case Dimension


Dial Colour

Red Gold


Men and Women


Hand-wound mechanical pocket watch

Power Reserve

54 hours

Water Resistant

3 bar

The Portuguese collection is famed for combining the tradition of nautical instruments with contemporary design and futuristic mechanics. The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand- Wound is a refined expression of this synthesis. Ideal for big, hand-wound wristwatches such as this, the 98900 calibre marks the apogee of a long line of forebears from the Schaffhausen works. The stylistically minimalist case in 18-carat white gold or 18-carat red gold supremely embodies unadorned understatement. However, the presence of the flying tourbillon at “9 o’clock” is an unmistakeable sign that this timepiece boasts the finest components which impressively reflect IWC’s watchmaking flair. The tourbillon rotates once round its axis every 60 seconds. This offsets the pull of gravity on any disequilibrium in the balance wheel, which may affect the rate of the watch. The new front glass with arched edge makes the Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound seem very flat, enhancing its classic, balanced lines. The choice of dial suits the case - slate-coloured for the 18-carat white gold variant and silver-plated for the 18-carat red gold. The IWC- manufactured 98900-calibre movement, with its intricately decorated nickel-silver three-quarter bridge, can be admired through the transparent sapphire-glass back. The 98000-calibre family has been in production since the 1920s and has evolved further, blending tradition with the latest technical advances. For the Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound, IWC engineers have increased the balance frequency to 28,800 beats per hour, which ensures excellent precision.


The Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound is fitted with exquisite leather straps from the House of Santoni. This Italian family firm specializes in nuanced dyeing of leather. Every Santoni strap is lovingly finished with manual artistry to lend an exclusive patina look with individual colour shade. To achieve this effect, Santoni craftsmen polish the leather surface with various pastes until they take on the desired shading and a perfect sheen. Santoni’s elegant leather products epitomize masterly craftsmanship and the highest quality.
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