Sahara Teapot with Gold Plating

TWG Tea, in a provoking display of astonishing workmanship, has created an Orientalist collection of Sahara Teapots and Teacups, an undulating display of master craftsmanship, plated with 18K gold or silver and finished with the most spectacular design and detailing. The legendary symbol of wisdom, immortality and rebirth, the serpent is a potent guardian of good fortune, health and vigor, a shield against harm’s way. With only two pieces in the world, these unique teapots were created by one single craftsman, each teapot requiring weeks of precise handiwork. Encrusted with an emblem of Medusa’s mortal gaze, the 18ct gold Charm Teapot and Teacup boast green Swarovski crystal eyes, while the silver plated version has the same in red. An exceptional tea set to present the finest of teas, the Sahara Teapots and Teacups rekindle the delicate and resounding notes of the snake charmer’s flute and will surprise and astound when filled with a powerful and reviving infusion of TWG Tea.
Net Weight : 600ml