Signature S-ii Black

The Signature collection is for discerning individuals who demand the best. Beautiful as well as functional, the SIM drawer is engraved with a unique Vertu pattern like a piece of jewellery in its own right. The superbly engineered battery cover release is operated by a D-ring. Extremely secure, yet easily released with your fingertips. The ruby bearings slide on pure sapphire crystal surfaces that are aligned so that no part of the metal key touches the sapphire face of the phone. The result is no friction, no wear, and the world’s most satisfying click – a Signature trademark.


Hand-built in England, it is the first phone to be assembled by a single craftsman. It takes many years to learn the necessary skills, and very few individuals make the grade. As a mark of pride, each handset is signed by the master craftsman who painstakingly creates it. Inevitably such attention to detail means a phone of this quality can only be made in very limited numbers - making the new Signature rare, precious and highly exclusive.
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