La Martina SS 17 – Women’s Handbag La Portena Firulete

The drawing on the bag is inspired by the famous “fileteadoporteño”, a special drawing typical of the town of Buenos Aires that became a peculiarity of the Argentine capital in the years that liberty architecture was shaping the most chic neighbourhoods. The drawings were used at first by immigrants from Sicily to embellish their carriages. Along the years, the drawings moved to store signboards and became an artform. In 2015 the fileteadoporteñowas declared a UnescoCultural Heritage of Humanity.

Saffianoleather in three colours with printed drawing, silver hardware and removable shoulder strap

The Leather Accessories Collection
Since its birth, the La Martina leather accessories collection has had a strong saddlery imprint, referring the world of polo. Embosses elements,stir up pendants, braided handle are some of the details that characterise the collection.