TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, unveils an extraordinary shopping experience. The glamorous TWG Tea Salon & Boutique offers more than 450 fine harvest teas from around the globe, exclusive tea blends, vibrantly colourful packaged teas, and an array of gifts sets for any occasion, such as the ever popular Haute Couture Tea Collection, and signature tea accessories.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

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In addition to an array of takeaway patisseries, the Boutique also offers TWG Tea-infused cookies, ice cream and macarons. Sit back and relax in the elegant adjoining TWG Tea Salon for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, where crisp white linens and fine bone china complement sweet and savoury tea-infused gastronomy. Perennial favourites are the Wagyu Burger accompanied by 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette and the Chocolate Fondant with homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream.

Awaken Desires With Valentine Breakfast Tea

Enthral your senses with TWG Tea’s Valentine’s special, the Valentine Breakfast Tea.

TWG Tea adds a bold twist to Age-Old Pu-Erh

Daring to break the tradition, the Hidden Pu-Erh Tea is TWG Tea’s festive, limited edition creation this Lunar New Year.

A Magic Christmas with TWG Tea Malaysia

Usher in the festive season with TWG Tea’s Christmas exclusive, Magic Christmas Tea

A lunch time feast with the new TWG Tea Set Menus

TWG Tea presents their new Lunch Set Menus for all the gastronomes out there, where lunch sets starting from RM25 are unrivalled in their flavour & selection.

A Summer Soirée with the TWG Tea Iced Teabag Collection

With the sun ablazing, TWG Tea inspires tea lovers to a chic summertime soirée decked out in the most refreshing iced teas, tea accessories and decadent patisseries for the tea table.

TWG Tea wishes you a blessed month of Ramadan

TWG Tea observes the Holy Month of Ramadan with a choice of four opulent Iftar Set Menus and the new Ramadan inspired High Tea set.

Celebrate Ramadan with TWG Tea Arabian Collection

Inspired by time-honoured tea traditions of the Middle East, grace your Iftar table with an Arabian collection of exquisite tea blends to awaken the body and soul.

New Beginning with Always Sakura Tea by TWG Tea

Heralding the arrival of the first buds of Spring, TWG Tea celebrates the evanescent beauty of cherry blossoms with Always Sakura Tea.

Tory Burch And TWG Tea Collaboration: The Travel Love Story

For the second time in Malaysia, Tory Burch teams up with luxury tea brand TWG Tea to create an elegant limited-edition Grand High Tea Set inspired by the fashion brand’s spring/summer 2019 collection - Destination Anywhere.

Romance in the City of Lights with TWG Tea

TWG Tea embraces the season of love with the remarkably chic Place Vendôme™ Tea from the Haute Couture Tea Collection®.

TWG Tea Winter Edition: Grand High Tea Set

TWG Tea introduces their new Grand High Tea Set for the New Year. Enjoy fine tea and unparalleled tea-infused gastronomy in one of our charming venues with loved ones this festive season.

Celebrating Christmas in grand style with TWG Tea’s 3-course festive menu

With the cheers of merriment and chimers of sleigh bells, this month of December indulge in TWG Tea 3-course festive set menu.

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