Giuseppe Zanotti Fall Winter 2013/2014 Collection

News | 24 October 2013

The Giuseppe Zanotti Fall Winter 2013/2014 Collection is a suggestion of rock. Hurtling back to the future, it conjures a variegated mood and rich in contrast.

Here incompatibility becomes style. Preppy pumps sport an almost protective metal strip. The gold plate on Peter Pan-style ankle boots is almost overplayed on soft, unlined leather, yet the disproportion is deliberate. Raw, almost masculine materials are emblazoned with gold maxi-zips. Colors blend in where leopard-print pumps flaunt a Persian blue toe. The icons are Ziggy Stardust, Veruschka in Blow-up and Jane Birkin. Post-70s velvet clogs are dynamic, ultra-modern and very harmonious.

Experimentation. A balancing act, juggling proper and not-so-proper, male and female, high and low. Rouched booties are made in “sprayed” leather for a Camden Town look. Directly from Portobello instead, red ankle boots are a revisited and refined classic. Alternatively, the bold version shows off gold buckles.

Precious craftsmanship from the tactile 3D thong sandals, reminiscent of the scales of a snake, to the tiger-effect of rhinestone appliqués, every stone applied by hand, played down on soft loafers and seventies high boots.

Bags too are light. Like the black, white or red hobo bag. In super-soft, almost impalpable leather, so fine it could fit in the palm of your hand. The jewelled version has a python-effect rhinestone handle. An even more precious compilation. Zanotti beyond Zanotti. But until it reaches the stores, it is a job only half done. Therein lies the wonder:  it is women, with their personality and style, who will bring it to life, demanding continuous changes of scenery.