How To Select A Chronograph

News | 31 May 2015


Swiss Watch Gallery has compiled a list of 6 factors to keep in mind when selecting a chronograph which suits you and your needs.

The mechanical chronograph is perhaps the most popular sought after complication since the late 60’s, yet it is also one of the most underutilized and misunderstood complications. For the average consumer, investing in a quality chronograph watch can still be a daunting and surprisingly complicated business. There are a raft of considerations to balance before committing to a luxury timepiece, and so Swiss Watch Gallery has compiled a list of 10 factors to keep in mind when selecting a chronograph which suits you and your needs


  1. The Basics Of A Chronograph

A chronograph watch is a timepiece that offers more than one way to measure time; however, there are many functions available in chronograph timepieces. Chronograph watches are available in many designs, including luxury, casual, and sport watches. Men’s chronograph watches are more common, yet ladies chronograph watches are also widely available. The most easily identifiable chronograph watches have three subdials set into the main dial. The subdials display the stopwatch and other extra functions

  1. The Difference Between Chronographs And Chronometers

A chronograph designation is often confused with a chronometer one, though they are completely different. A chronograph is basically a watch with stopwatch capabilities. It displays different counters or mechanisms for measuring elapsed time. Counters can register seconds, minutes and hours. This gives its owner the ability to time anything he wants. The stop watch function of a chronograph can not only be used for timing races, but for other practical uses as well. Tracking daily routines such as meetings, cooking times, exercise routines, as well as commuting times are an added advantage of a chronograph.


  1. The Varieties In Style

Chronograph watches are considered sport watches, but they are not limited to one style. For office and casual wear, stainless steel and titanium watches are durable and attractive. Watches with fine leather straps are also available with chronograph features; leather watchbands can be dressy or casual. Outdoor enthusiasts may prefer the durability and style of rubber straps. A watch with a colourful dial may add style to your wardrobe while a chronograph watch with a gold case can enhance your luxury watch collection.