The Longines Elegant Collection – A definition of elegance

Watches | 26 August 2014

Since its earliest days, Longines has always focused on elegance. This quality can be found not only in its products but also in its communication, with the now famous slogan “Elegance is an attitude”. So it comes as no surprise that the brand is now launching the Longines Elegant Collection, which comprises models that are the perfect embodiment of the classical design and sleek lines typical of Longines timepieces. Available in three sizes and fitted with self-winding, mechanical movements, these watches offer a broad choice of dials, each presenting its own definition of elegance.

Well known for its classical designs, the Swiss watch brand is pleased to present the Longines Elegant Collection, a line of refined timepieces that represent its key value. Although elegance may be difficult to define, it can be recognised immediately; it can describe a lifestyle or a way of being, it is timeless and embodies a certain prestige. It has always been the essence of the Longines brand and is the key word in its slogan: “Elegance is an attitude”. Unique and honest, this message places the products and culture of the brand known by its winged hourglass logo at the heart of its prestigious past.


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