Vertu Launches Aster – The Quintessentially English Smartphone

Products | 12 February 2015


Vertu Aster combines hand craftsmanship, luxurious materials, unique services and cutting edge technology in the ultimate lifestyle smartphone, with the ability to individually tailor your phone via Vertu’s personalisation service.




The new Aster by Vertu, delivers a very contemporary version of some of the signature elements found in Vertu phones. Clean horizontal lines, and a titanium version of the traditional V pillow contribute to the simplistic geometry of Aster, while strong vertical sides are created by cutting a scoop into the titanium creates a surface that is a pleasure to hold. The soft, almost fluid lines of the handset are enhanced by the use of a grade 5 titanium casing, featuring a mix of brushed and polished finishes that sweep the sleek lines of the handset and contrast with its textured, natural grain leather, sourced from the finest tanneries in Europe.


To top it off, a single 117 carat, 5.1” piece of 5th generation solid sapphire crystal protects Vertu Aster’s 4.7” HD display and 13mp camera lens from scratches. Impervious to anything less than diamond, solid sapphire crystal is strong, highly scratch resistant an d optically perfect.


Vertu Asters can be found in a selection of rich colours, across three different leathers, Calf, Karung and Ostrich, which each lend character and personality, adding depth to the textural contrast of the beautifully finished titanium and hand crafted leather. Key Vertu design cues are incorporated, however Vertu has chosen to significantly soften them in the Aster design, while remaining unisex in essence.




Working once again with Hasselblad, the world’s most renowned professional photography brand, the Aster features a Hasselblad-certified 13mp rear camera with a sapphire crystal lens and anti-reflection coating, while the front facing camera facilitates video calling.


Aster’s exceptional acoustic profile delivers flawless sound through Dolby® Digital Plus virtual surround sound, while high quality, integrated front facing stereo speakers are tuned for an extraordinarily pure and rich acoustic experience without distortion in any environment.


If that is not enough to whet your appetite, a six months’ complimentary access to unlimited, global Wi-Fi, at over 13 million hotspot locations, further enhances the Wi-Fi experience on your Aster.