Blue Sky Action: Vertu Unleashes The New Aster Quilt

Watches | 31 May 2015

Massimiliano Pogliani, Vertu’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “There has always been significant consumer desire for Vertu products that make a lifestyle statement. Many of our consumers not only appreciate rarity and craftsmanship in the goods that they choose to own, but desire products that reflect modern styling and trends in their colour palette and material. They expect a statement piece that not only performs to the utmost standard technically, but is also beautiful as an object as well.

In contrast to Signature Touch, which has seen its popularity soar amongst our more traditional and corporate customers and is very masculine in design, with hard, straight, edges and classic lines, Aster is a more unisex offer and appeals to a different customer; someone searching for something a little more glamorous. In Aster we looked to create a handset that was not only engineered to perform to the highest standard, but one that would complement our customers’ lifestyles in its capacity as a fashionable accessory. For those desirous of luxury and understated elegance, but unwilling to compromise on performance, Aster is the ultimate lifestyle handset.”