Bentley And Vertu Connect With Special Edition Smartphone

Products | 17 February 2015


Vertu, the English manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, today unveiled its first handset created in collaboration with Bentley. The 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 handset, with its combination of audio performance and curated services, delivers a unique sensory experience. It is the first joint product release from the new five-year partnership of the two British luxury brands, which was announced in July.

The Partnership
At the headquarters of Bentley in Crewe, Kevin Rose, member of the Board for Sales and Marketing of Bentley Motors, said: 鈥淭he partnership between Bentley and Vertu allows customers to experience the Bentley brand while out of the driving seat. The look and feel of the handset is a consequence of a strong collaboration between the Bentley and Vertu creative teams. The handset鈥檚 design and materials, when coupled with its exclusive services,integrated Bentley content and high-performance technology, embody what both Bentley and Vertu stand for, and deliver what our customers are looking for.鈥

Vertu鈥檚 Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani commented: 鈥淭he new 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 handset captures the essence of both our brands. It combines English handcraftsmanship, contemporary elegance, outstanding performance and cutting-edge technology. 鈥淥ur collaboration with Bentley unites both companies鈥 proud British heritage, as well as unrivalled expertise in the luxury and technology markets, to create a handset which exceeds the expectations of our mutual customer base. The result is 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥, a device which not only reflects sophistication and discerning taste, but also performs to an undeniably high technical standard to deliver an effortless, intuitive luxury mobile experience.鈥

The Design
The 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 smartphone is swathed in quilted calf leather, in the classic Bentley shade of Newmarket Tan, and stitched with a diamond pattern. The supple leather is encased in durable, yet lightweight, titanium, which features tactile diamond knurling. This detailing on the side rails is complemented by an engine-turned pattern on the handset鈥檚 titanium back plate, which opens to reveal the engraved signature of the craftsman who meticulously constructed the phone, from start to finish, at Vertu鈥檚 headquarters in Church Crookham, England. The traditional ceramic pillow, synonymous with established Vertu handsets such as the Signature and Signature Touch collections, has been subtly remodelled to feature a sleeker pillow trim, to reflect Bentley鈥檚 elegant and sophisticated style. Each and every 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 phone celebrates the new partnership by sporting a discrete, metal Bentley 鈥楤鈥 wings motif on the face of the handset. The complimentary slip case which accompanies every 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 handset, also depicts the Bentley logo, embossed on the Newmarket Tan calf leather.

The Services
The 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 handset comes with the full spectrum of exclusive services which the luxury mobile phone manufacturer has become renowned for – comprising a dedicated 鈥榁ertu Concierge鈥 service, curated events and experiences via 鈥榁ertu Life鈥, and security services from 鈥榁ertu Certainty鈥 鈥 alongside a unique 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 app, which delivers exclusive Bentley content directly to the device. This bespoke application provides customers with access to official Bentley articles, exclusive experiences, recommended routes and dealer information, as well as a shortcut to the Touch Screen Remote features for Bentley Flying Spur drivers. Exclusive Bentley experiences and the latest Bentley content for owners and enthusiasts, plus Bentley dealer and service centres is also offered. In addition, the 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 smartphone will feature custom start-up animation, 3D clock, 3D wallpaper and Bentley wallpapers.

The Performance
鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 is a high-performance smartphone using best-in-class technology with superior handcrafted materials, including grade-5 titanium, solid sapphire crystal which creates a virtually scratch-proof screen and handfinished calf leather.

Mirroring the performance of the Vertu Signature Touch, the 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 handset incorporates the full breadth of the company鈥檚 expertise. The acoustics, tuned in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, feature Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround-sound processing and stereo speakers. As for imaging, which is such an integral part of the smartphone experience, Vertu has continued to work with Hasselblad, the world鈥檚 most renowned professional photography brand, to perfect the image-tuning of the camera. Alongside the sterling performance of the audio and imaging, 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 features wireless charging, NFC and Android鈩 4.4 (KitKat) software.

The Future
This inaugural 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 model is planned to be followed by a further four distinctive, luxury smartphones, each of which will encompass authentic and iconic Bentley design elements and exclusive lifestyle services. Limited to 2,000 pieces, the new 鈥榁ertu for Bentley鈥 smartphone will be available in Malaysia from December 2014, price on application.