Vertu Adds A Diamond Collection To Its Aster & Signature Touch Range

Watches | 5 May 2015

The English manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, has taken a luxurious step forward and introduced a new Diamond Collection for the VERTU’s Aster and Signature Touch range.

Looking for a new leap of luxury in your cellular experience? VERTU, the English manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, has once again defined luxury mobile phone experience by launching a Diamond Collection of the VERTU Aster and Signature Touch range. The Diamond Collection’s Aster features a subtle addition of two horizontal diamond strips framing the middle of the earpiece, while The Signature Touch comes with a larger set of diamonds frosting the bottom half of the earpiece.

Being quintessentially VERTU, the Diamond Collection aims to deliver the world’s best luxury mobile phone experience for its customers by combining expert craftsmanship and peerless materials with innovative technology and unique services. Its concierge and services continue to be of significant importance to VERTU and they are a key part of the brand’s DNA.



VERTU Aster Diamond Collection

VERTU’s Aster delivers a very contemporary version of some of the signature elements found in VERTU phones. Handmade and finished by craftsmen, using the most luxurious materials, in an exquisite palette of colours, Aster can also be personalised with a monogram or engraving. Its beauty of design and simplicity of use belie the cutting edge technology at its heart, which facilitates its seamless operation almost anywhere on the globe. The new handset features Dolby® Digital Plus virtual surround sound and Hasselblad certified imaging, as well as VERTU’s full portfolio of services, which comprises Classic Concierge as well as VERTU LIFE and VERTU CERTAINTY packages. Together these features combine to create in Aster a rare and indispensable lifestyle accessory.