Kors Collaborations : Poppy de Villeneuve

News | 13 June 2013


Fashion is second nature to London-born Poppy de Villeneuve. Her father, photographer Justin de Villeneuve, discovered and managed Twiggy. Her mother, fashion model Jan de Villeneuve, collected designer clothes and encouraged Poppy and her sister Daisy to think of style as a form of self-expression.

Today Poppy is a photographer, director and resident Brooklynite with an impressive client roster that includes Vogue magazine and British indie rockers The Vaccines. Her candid photographs and short films capture enigmatic, unguarded moments—dancers mid-air, friends lost in the crowd at a music festival, moody landscapes.

Poppy brought her dream-like eye to the set when directing the new video for Michael Kors Spring 2013 sneaker collection. The video stars Karmen Pedaru and was shot in and around Los Angeles. In between takes, we asked the Kors Collaborator about the people and places that inspire her most.

A city I love…
Berlin. I love riding around on my bicycle discovering new parks and restaurants, great shops and galleries.

A photographer I love…
Mark Steinmetz. His book South East is a huge inspiration to me.

A director I love…
Wim Wenders. He continues to reveal new things about himself and the world through his films. A true inspiration, his work grows with him.

A museum I love…
MoMA PS1. I love the space of the actual museum [note: it used to be a public school]. The James Turrell site-specific piece “Meeting” is one of my favorites.

A film I love…
Paris, Texas. Harry Dean Stanton and Nastassja Kinski are amazing.

A book I love…
A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. She is such a wonderful writer, and I think her sense of time and the future in this book make so much sense.

A restaurant I love…
Keens Steakhouse in midtown Manhattan. It was one of the first places I went to when I arrived in NYC. It’s full of stories of baseball players, presidents and theatre actors who have all graced its different rooms to smoke pipes.  Now the pipes line the ceiling and old photographs hang on the walls.

A bar I love…
The Boom Boom Room. To me, this is what a bar should be—elegant and high above the “real” world. It’s like slipping back into the 1920s.

A cocktail I love…
An Old Fashioned.

An accessory I love…
I’m into handbags. Chic, classic—ones you can hand down to your children.

A style icon I love…
Sofia Coppola. She always looks elegant and feminine but in a simple, effortless way. She knows herself in the clothes she is wearing and that comes across.

A fashion model I love…

Karmen Pedaru! She was so wonderful to work with and she understands film. She is totally professional and looks beautiful with or without make-up. I couldn’t take my eyes of of her!

A Michael Kors piece I love…

The Miranda tote in navy blue and the leather shirtdress in midnight. Super chic for running around town.

A moment from the Michael Kors sneakers shoot I love…
When we were shooting on the beach, we were rushing to get a shot as the sun was setting. But as is the nature of film, we had a crew of about 20 people attached to the camera, walking backwards as Karmen strolled along the water’s edge. It felt like we were in a Buster Keaton movie. And it was the last shot of the day, so we were all celebrating and jumping in the sand because we got the shot!

A Michael Kors quote I love…
“I think if you’re out in the world, really living and engaging, then there’s never a shortage of ideas!”

Pinterest or Instagram?

Brooklyn Flea or Portobello Road Market?
Portobello. It reminds me of my college days and I still wear the pieces I got there.

Paperback or Kindle?
iPad. I like being light on my feet and being able to swap from fiction to non-fiction to The New Yorker in one tap.

Bike or Cab?
Bike (with helmet and reflectors). So many adventures.

Heels or Flats?
Flats. I’m usually running around somewhere with a camera in my hand…I need the freedom to go wherever, whenever.

Stripes or Patterns?    
At the moment, patterns.

Hat or Sunglasses?
Sunglasses, but different ones for different moods.