Malaysia Tatler : The Soul of Choo

Covered | 7 March 2014

Putting in her hard work with ample determination and a clear vision of the future of the brand, Sandra Choi perfected the art of shoe making from inception to finish and worked her way up to get to where she is, as the head of Jimmy Choo, and continues crafting the company’s DNA and identity. We all love shoes—but what are the three must-haves for every wardrobe? “Every woman should have a great pair of pumps that will take you from day to night, in any heel height that suits you. Secondly is a fantastic pair of flat shoes, because girls today are active and are running around a lot. And to choose a good flat, it needs to have good character; it can’t be just any pair of flat shoes. It needs to come with good design balance,” explains Sandra Choi

Jimmy Choo

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