The Edge : Best Mates

Covered | 13 March 2014

If packing effectively is an art, then luggage is the canvas. For frequent flyers, there is nothing more essential than a solid,well-made,cleverly-designed bag. American luggage specialist Tumi’s rise to fame started in 1985 when the company began using highly durable ballistic nylon material to manufacture its bags, making them lightweight and virtually indestructible. The newly launched Alpha 2 collection, an upgrade to the range after almost two decades, celebrates the next generation of the brand’s travel collection. Updated with innovative technologies, Alpha 2 stands out as a true modern classic in both design and function with a varied range that includes slim, expandable carry-on suitcases, extended-trip packing cases, large, wheeled duffels and garment bags intwo- and four-wheel styles


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