La Martina SS 17 – Lace-Up Men’s Shoe

This lace-up shoe marries the innate elegance of a Derby shoe with the undeniable comfort offered by a casual one. The lace-up and wingtip design is reminiscent of a classic shoe that can be worn with a suit,and the high rubber sole guarantees the ease and versatility typical of a sneaker suited for everyday life.

Suede lace-up shoe with a high extra-light rubber sole, wingtip decoration and the signature La Martina horses embroidered on the side. Contrasting brown suede application on the back.

La Martina Shoes
La Martina shoes have a strong saddlery imprint, as they are part of a world built around the game of polo. The embossed detail and the use of the finest leather are some of the details that define the collection.