Portofino Hand-Wound Big Date

Case Dimension


Dial Colour

Silver plated


Men and Women



Power Reserve

8 Days (192 Hours)

Water Resistant

3 bar

The Portofino line has been the silent hero of IWC’s watch collections for over a quarter of a century and is the epitome of understatement, good taste and cultivated Mediterranean lifestyle. In much the same way that the picturesque harbour town of Portofino stands for the dolce vita of the 1960s, Portofino watches perfectly combine extravagance with simple elegance. With the Portofino Hand-Wound Big Date (IW516102), IWC Schaffhausen welcomes a new complication to a watch collection rich in tradition. But as you will discover if you take a second look at the dial and despite its modest appearance, the Portofino Hand-Wound Big Date comes with a generous portion of watchmaking sophistication. The date display at “12 o’clock” is an extremely useful and convenient complication and shows the date on two large, highly legible digits. This is achieved through two synchronized discs: the first of these shows the tens from 0 to 3, while the second shows the single digits from 0 to 9. The perfectly choreographed interplay between the two discs is mastered by the IWC 59230 calibre, a further development of the 59000-calibre family that comes with this additional piece of technical wizardry.The contemporary movement design with its large bridges and plates is robust and reliable and was built to satisfy the demands of watch connoisseurs in the 21st century. The new Portofino comes not only with a big date but also a good deal of staying power. When fully wound, the watch has a power reserve of 192 hours, or 8 days, during which it will run with maximum precision without the need for any external intervention. After that, the owner needs to supply the watch with renewed energy by winding the crown.