Portuguese Grande Complication

Case Dimension


Dial Colour

Silver plated




Mechanical chronograph

Power Reserve

44 Hour

Water Resistant

3 bar

Vasco da Gama’s flagship was a caravel dubbed the São Gabriel; the flagship of the most celebrated watch family from IWC is the Portuguese Grande Complication. Only the best-qualified helmsmen and navigators of their day were good enough to accompany da Gama’s fleet; in much the same way, the Portuguese Grande Complication, which is water-resistant to 3 bar, unites a wealth of watchmaking’s most outstanding achievements. These include a perpetual calendar that is mechanically programmed until 2499 (it requires just three adjustments in the non-leap years 2100, 2200 and 2300) as well as a perpetual moon phase display and a chronograph. When activated by the repeating slide, the minute repeater chimes out the precise time in harmonious tones. A globe of the world discreetly engraved with lines of latitude and longitude provides a background to the silver-plated dial. The model in red gold, with solid red gold appliqués and a strap stitched with 18-carat red gold thread, appeared for the first time in 2010. The Portuguese Grande Complication is also available in a platinum case; the strap of this exclusive version is stitched with platinum thread.
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