The Star : A Drink To Suit All Tastes

Events | News | 10 December 2013

Vastly known for its freshness and unique flavours, TWG Tea offers more than 800 single estates with finely harvested teas and exclusive blends, tea patisseries and other tea-infused delicacies. Established in Singapore, TWG Tea has widely distributed their outlets among Asian, Middle Eastern, European and Western countries. During a tea-pairing event with the media, the TWG Tea Salon and Boutique ION Orchard manager Charif Taieb lent his expertise on pairing the perfect tea with pastries. Guests were served Geisha Blossom Tea, an elegant and highly refined blend of green tea and refreshing ripe sourthern fruits. The tea was paired with sandwiches — prawn, walnut and celery infused with Tibetan Secret Tea and Japanese Cucumber Yogurt Salad and Cheddar Cheese sprinkled with Gyokuro Samurai Tea. Next is the TWG Tea Macarons, a grand wedding tea with passionfruit and coconut, lemon bush, 1837 black tea and blackcurrant. Finally, the guests were treated to Ref of Africa Tea, a delicate red tea from South Africa blended with sweet TWG Tea spices and marigold.

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

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