Victoria’s Secret Unwrapped a Holiday Pop-Up Full of Gifting Joy at Wisma Atria Outdoor Atrium

Events | News | 12 December 2013

Victoria’s Secret exclusive Holiday pop-up store opened at the Wisma Atria Outdoor Atrium from 15 to 24 November, painting our town a bold, dazzling pink, adding even more shimmer and sparkle to Orchard Road.

Get set for a sexy holiday season as Victoria’s Secret celebrated the season of gifting with its exclusive pop-up store in Singapore. Decked out with satins and ruffles and sweet little something, Victoria’s Secret holiday pop-up was filled with irresistible gifts to give (or get) – fun and flirty fragrances, skin-loving bodycare or super stylish Victoria’s Secret branded accessories, there’s something for everyone.

Opened from 15 to 24 November, the pop-up concept outside Wisma Atria – a luxury gift box adorned in Victoria’s Secret signature pink stripes – was a sight that was hard to miss and impossible to resist. The pop-up store housed a merriment of gorgeous gifts & perfect stocking stuffers for every Angel. Step into the Victoria’s Secret Holiday Pop-Up and be swept away by the lush romance of the season – this is how Angels do Christmas!

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