Introducing Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Studios

Products | 4 March 2016

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20 Fragrances. 20 colors. Endless possibilities.

Introducing Victoria’s Secret Fantasies, a whole new way to wear scent. It’s Fast Fragrance, and it’s about to become your new favorite accessory. High impact yet low commitment, these mists and lotions are formulated to have a fresher, more playful profile.

Eric T. White

The Scents

Love Spell
Cherry Blossom & Peach

Pure Seduction
Red Plum

Passion Struck
Fuji Apple & Vanilla Orchid

Sheer Love
White cotton & Pink Lily

Coconut Passion
Vanilla & Coconut

Love Addict
Wild orchid & Blood Orange

Amber Romance
Amber & Creme Anglaise

Vanilla Lace
Vanilla & Mink

Mango Temptation
Mango Nectar & Hibiscus

Secret Escape
Sheer Freesia & Guana Flowers

Such A Flirt
Starfruit & White Orchid

Total Attraction
Cherry Orchid & Lily Blossom

Secret Charm
Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Aqua Kiss
Rain-kissed Freesia & Daisy

Marine Notes & Peony

Tiare Petals & Sheer Vanilla

Juicy Clementine & Crystal Amber

Iris & Warm Sea Salt

Pink Petals & Solar Musk

Fuji Apple & Vanilla Orchid