Family Matters: Pilot’s Watches For Father And Son

Watches | 9 June 2015


It is a hallowed tradition to present the people who mean the most to us with valuable timepieces. Whether as a sign of affection, out of recognition for special service or in memory of a joyful occasion, watches are simply one of the most personal gifts of them all. In this respect, the Pilot’s Watches for Father and Son send out a clear signal. For men with a strong sense of family, IWC unveils an exclusive special edition – “Pilot’s Watches for Father and Son” – which is available as a double edition or as a set of several pieces, in a high-quality presentation case. The father’s model is based on the Big Pilot’s Watch while the smaller timepiece for the son is, technically speaking, virtually identical to the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVI. The inner circle on the case back is reserved for the engraving of a name. Even if the technical specifications of the two models differ, the visible similarities are unmistakable. Both watches have a stainless-steel case, an eye-catching crown and a black alligator leather strap.



They are a strong team. They need few words to understand each other. And they have a weakness for sophisticated technology. Father and son are bound together by a special feeling of belonging. IWC Schaffhausen’s new Pilot’s Watches for Father and Son are the perfect opportunity for any family wishing to strengthen this bond and to proclaim it stylishly to the outside world.

In 2012, the year of the Pilot’s Watches, the watch manufacturer renowned for masculine timepieces launched its second special edition since 2008 for the men in the family; or – to retain the language of flying – the pilot and co-pilot. In life, as in the cockpit, it is a question of being able to rely on one another and of giving the junior member of the team an increasing degree of responsibility. Fathers pass on to their sons vital personal qualities, such as self-confidence, ambition and a sense of responsibility. And not infrequently, a father’s enthusiasm for engineering and perfect craftsmanship will be inherited by the younger generation.