Graham Endures Speed & Time

Watches | 9 March 2015

The new generation of Silverstone chronographs bring unprecedented performance with the Silverstone Endurance 24HR, which proposes a dissociated time measurement of 24 hours race and lap time.


Silverstone RS Endurance sketches 2

Silverstone RS Endurance sketches

All drivers who enter Formula One need to undergo a period of conditioning to the physical demands of the sport: no other race series on earth requires so much of its drivers in terms of stamina and endurance. However, as drivers of Formula 1 are only required to race for 2 hours at maximum, the Graham Silverstone Endurance 24HR is built for exactly what its name is; to endure high speed races of up to 24 hours. This beauty will not feel a thing if strapped around the wrist of a Formula 1 racer.