Video: Giuseppe Zanotti & Celebrities

Style | 25 March 2013

When a smashing pop single meets high-end design, the results are on the verge of chart-topping success. Music has the capacity to not just shine the spotlight on its singers and rappers, but also on fashion icons. This exemplifies Giuseppe Zanotti, who was once a DJ before becoming a renowned shoemaker. With the vision of integrating music and art as key influences, Giuseppe Zanotti has spectacularly mastered the world of contemporary footwear by utilizing signature colours, studs, buckles and zips. Perfect for a style-conscious customer with a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

From Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez to some of Hollywood’s most successful stars, they owe their on-screen style to his enchanting stilettos and sensible sandals. A testament to his meticulous detailing and undisputable sophisticated craftsmanship, he is a designer with a force to be reckoned with. Aside from stepping up musicians’ style games in their music videos, it’s all the more better, when he leverages on his influence to reintroduce their music videos into popular culture.