The Edge : An English Icon

Covered | 26 May 2014

“Around the world, when people think of Britain, they think of classically dressed men.The thing about what is peculiar to Britain is that we have occasions that we dress for. There is a certain dress code,” says Jeremy Hackett, founder and chairman of celebrated British designer menswear company Hackett London. British men are suitably dressed, whether going for a weekend in the country, or a polo or tennis match. And people like that, Hackett believes, because it conveys a certain charm and romance about the English gentleman. “I think that’s something that’s being upheld. And when men become successful, they often look to the British way of dressing,” he adds. He was in Singapore recently for the official opening of Hackett London’s first flagship store in the republic and its maiden foray into Southeast Asia. The Kuala Lumpur boutique in Pavilion came shortly after the Singapore opening.


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