TUMI Launches the ALPHA 2 Exhibition

Events | 19 August 2014

TUMI, the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories, launched the ALPHA 2 Exhibition on 11th August 2014 for local media and distinguished guests at Centre Court, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition showcased the next generation of travel for the global citizen presenting over 30 innovative upgrades and more than 14 patented and trademarked TUMI components.

In addition to honoring and emphasizing TUMI’s heritage of design excellence, technical innovation and functional superiority, the exhibition provided guests the opportunity to experience the evolution of ALPHA 2. The exhibition showcased ALPHA 2’s telescopic engineering with the new XBrace 45® handle system, climatic diversity to last in all types of weather, impenetrable defense to protect your contents, dramatic expansion for more flexibility and impact-resistance to last through a lifetime of travel.
Adding to the excitement of the APLHA 2 Exhibition, TUMI’s first Asia Global Citizen, Dominic Lau attended the launch sharing his experience of being a Global Citizen as ‘being ready to ad lib, to be spontaneous, and no matter what, be prepared to jump into the next adventure’.

During the launch, local Malaysian TUMI Trailblazers were also unveiled. They were selected from a range of diverse industries, consisting of extraordinary individuals who make extraordinary journeys. The TUMI Trailblazers included: Sherin Wong, Dennis Lau, Bryan Loo, Jovian Mandagie, Wong Yu Jin,DJ duo Goldfish and Blink, Ung Yiu Lin and Joel Neoh. They were each given a TUMI bag and a TUMI Travel Journal to capture their adventures and hashtagged pictures from their journeys with #tumiglobalcitizens.

Guests and members of the media were entertained throughout the evening as Dennis Lau took centre stage with his electronic violin accompanied by DJ Goldfish and Blink’s thumping baselines in a medley of modern music. As the music played, the models paraded around the exhibition area showcasing TUMI’s latest Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

TUMI lifestyle partners for this exhibition from 11th – 17th August include Maybank, Enrich and Starwoods Hotels & Resorts Malaysia.

Introducing TUMI Malaysia Trailblazers

Earlier this year, TUMI collaborated with Malaysia’s most accomplished and successful industry leaders – The TUMI Trailblazers. TUMI engaged with “People with Passion, People with Purpose, People with Places to go” from various industries in Malaysia. Each TUMI Trailblazer was invited to take a journey with TUMI and record their adventures through social media updates marked with #tumiglobalcitizens. Joel Neoh and Ung Yiu Lin were handpicked from these Trailblazers to create artistic installations using the TUMI ALPHA 2. Their installations represented their journeys and were displayed at a TUMI Asia Global Citizens exhibition in Hong Kong, where they represented Malaysia.

Joel Neoh – Entrepreneur
Joel is the Vice President of Groupon Asia and oversees the deal-of-the-day website in over 12 Asian countries. Constantly traversing back and forth across the continent for both business and leisure, Joel has creatively adapted his TUMI ALPHA 2 case to feature his business travel needs into the luggage. His favorite travel companion, his TUMI Arrivé De Gaulle travel case, compact and elegant for everyday travels.

Ung Yiu Lin – Designer
Yiu Lin is the creator, owner and designer of Malaysian home grown luxury fashion labels KLutched and ShoesShoesShoes. With a passion for fashion and travel, Yiu Lin looks for inspiration everywhere she goes – from everyday journeys about town to trips abroad. For her TUMI installation, Yiu Lin was inspired by a memorable journey to Phuket with her daughter and has creatively decorated her TUMI travel case beach-themed souvenirs from her trip.

Bryan Loo – Entrepreneur
Bryan is the Managing Director of Loob Holdings, a holding company of Chatime Malaysia. As an entrepreneur, Bryan constantly travels for business and for leisure. While travelling, it gives him opportunities and potential ideas for his business expansion. He currently travels with TUMI ALPHA 2 Extended Trip Case which gives him sufficient packing space and easy manoeuvrability.

Sherin Wong – Entrepreneur
Sherin is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of RedRibbon Days. Sherin finds inspiration through her travels by an object, a shop, a scent, sight, culture and different people from all walks of life. She did a fair bitof travelling to her recent holiday destinations with her travel companion, TUMI Tegra-Lite®.

Jovian Mandagie – Fashion Designer
Malaysia based fashion designer Jovian Mandagie is known for producing haute couture dresses, bridal wears and ready-to-wear collections. Being a designer, Jovian is on constant lookout for new ideas for his designs and he does this by observing people and their lifestyle through his travels. He travels stylishly with his TUMI Vapor International Carry-On.

Dennis Lau – Electric Violinist

Multi-talented electric violinist, songwriter and producer Dennis Lau started his musical adventure at a tender age of 3. He has not only made a name for himself in the local music scene but also internationally. When he travels overseas for his performances, he uses TUMI Vapor Extended Trip Packing Case for all his essential clothing for his performances.

Wong Yu Jin – Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Yu Jin is Malaysia’s top wellness coach who has trained top celebrities, models, beauty queens and TV personalities to achieve a healthy lifestyle. He lives a work-life balance despite his hectic schedule as he still travels for leisure. Recently he went to Japan and Paris with TUMI ALPHA 2 Extended Trip Case.


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