Celebrate Ramadan with TWG Tea’s Table Couture Collection

Fine Foods | Promotions | 29 May 2017

TWG Tea celebrates the Holy Month of Ramadan with a luxurious table couture collection for an opulent iftar evening. Inspired by the tea traditions, TWG Tea features a sumptuous variety of tea infused blends, lavish tea accessories and tea scented candles to bring a warm oriental ambience in your home.

Begin the evening hours of Ramadan with a refreshing cup of Alexandria Tea Haute Couture Tea, a precious green tea subtly scented with rare mint and Mediterranean corn flowers, perfectly paired with traditional dates for an uplifting iftar. Inspired by a mix of Middle-Eastern culture and oriental design, the Emir Teapot Collection completes the scene for a dreamy Arabian night.

Transported by the smouldering swirls of tea dreams, the Silver Moon Tea Scented Candle narrates the story of the constellations, a luxurious combination of green tea and berries to lend their suave bouquet to this fragrance far into the night. Continue the journey into late Suhoor with a cup of Moroccan Mint Tea, a mesmerising Moroccan green tea accented by the finest Sahara mint to cool the palate, marking the arrival of a new day.

Table Setting - Arabic Theme 6-EDIT

From dawn to dusk, a privileged invitation awaits for tea connoisseurs during this Ramadan with TWG Tea. Spend RM200 with your Citi cards and enjoy a complimentary box of 6 macarons. Terms and conditions apply.

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