Valiram Group Unveils Bath & Body Works With A Grand Opening Event For Its First Orchard Road Store At Takashimaya S.C.

Beauty | New Stores | 26 August 2014

Fashion and beauty retailer, Valiram Group celebrated the grand opening of Bath & Body Works’ first Orchard Road store at Takashimaya S.C. and its second store in Singapore. Bath & Body Works unveiled its first Orchard Road store in Singapore that houses 1,709 square feet of fragrances, being the second in the world having the flagship of a back lit store front and also its second store in Singapore.

The evening saw guests from the media and business partners with welcoming photo-taking session followed by a light hearting Instagram moment with printed memento photo card from hashtag #BBWSGTaka, origin’s photo source. Being one of Bath & Body Works’ signatures, its in-store demo sink allows one to have fun while indulging in the fragrances with the assistance of a team of friendly and well-trained professionals. Guests were treated with a variety of creative light canapés and wines accompanied by live DJ spinning the evening away. The guests had a fun-filled evening where they were rewarded with surprises and exclusive treats in the ‘Spin and Win’ set. BBW ambassadors were giving out balloons to compliment with the atmospheric mood of fun. The mood continued as BBW ambassadors went along Orchard Road to the outdoors where guerilla went full force over the weekends.

Lastly, not forgetting a memorable travel size trio bundled with candle and pocketbac for the goodie bags that guests adored with surprise. Keeping to the brand’s promise, making fragrance fun is our devotion to our fragrance fans. Bath & Body Works, an America’s favorite fragrance brand, with keen devotion to fragrances and a strong history in quality formulas, breadth of variety from body to home, is America’s favorite fragrance brand.

The exclusive Bath & Body Works range available in every store includes:

1. Signature Collection – the world’s best assortment of wearable, fashionable fragrances
2. Home Fragrance – an assortment of room sprays, diffusers and the world’s best candles in
luxurious scents
3. Hand Soaps and Sanitizers – an unparalleled collection that gives customers the opportunity to
wash away germs with uplifting scents and conditioning care for their hands and
4. Aromatherapy – which uses fragrant oils and absolutes to bring about a sense of total wellbeing.

Bath & Body Works

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