TWG Tea Debuts Tea-Infused Shortbread Cookies

Crème De La Crème | 22 September 2015

TWG Tea leaves no late-night stomach rumblings forgotten with its brand new exclusive collection of handmade Scottish shortbreads. A much beloved biscuit since the 12th century, the shortbread recipe was only perfected under the auspices of Mary, Queen of Scots.

TWG Tea adapted this luxurious treat, traditionally reserved for holidays, weddings and other special occasions, into a marvellous biscuit infused with leaves from four favourite TWG Teas, an innovation which expertly pairs with the sweet, silky, flaky, crumbly, delectable goodness of the quaint shortbread tradition.

Known around the globe as the finest international luxury tea brand, TWG continues to awaken the world of tea gastronomy with tea-infused confectionaries and patisseries. The ideal complement to any afternoon tea party, TWG Tea Shortbread Collection includes the Matcha Shortbread, the citrusy bergamot hinted French Earl Grey Shortbread, the decadent caramel Napoleon Tea Shortbread, and the bright and sparkling Lemon Bush Tea Shortbread, all handcrafted to perfection by TWG Tea’s passionately innovative pastry chefs.

Matcha Shortbread Cookies
Infused with the marvellous, grassy inflections of TWG Tea’s premium Matcha green tea – A thick and slightly astringent green tea that is hand-picked in the most prestigious estate in Japan.

French Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies
Infused with the fresh, citrusy notes of TWG Tea’s French Earl Grey, a fragrant variation of the great classic.

Napoleon Tea Shortbread Cookies
Infused with the sweet caramel notes of TWG Tea’s signature Napoleon Tea – A high quality black tea with a sophisticated TWG blend of sweet French spices and a hint of vanilla, giving a most extraordinary and fully developed aroma.

Lemon Bush Tea Shortbread Cookies
Infused with the tart inflections of TWG Tea’s Lemon Bush Tea, a red tea from South Africa blended with wild citrus fruits.

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